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NLP Master Practitioner


Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is a systematic approach to changing behavior through changing patterns of thinking.


 NLP is the study of the structure of subjectivity.  The way in which we make pictures, where they're located and how big they are, where we locate our voices and how we alter our feelings of what are called emotional states whether they rotate this way or that way, all of those little details give you a set of tools that by which people can make absolutely profound changes easily and quickly."


Neuro Linguistic Programming came out of the work that Richard Bandler who modeled the way people thought.  What he did was unique.  He started out looking at some 40 schools of psychotherapy, all arguing about who had the right approach, but none of them could constantly get positive results.  He said that every once in a while they were successful, but most of the time they were arguing about the theories. 


He started looking at the natural process by which people make changes. Looking at the neurological configurations and the linguistic structures that are hard wired in the mind.  He found out about the way people learn so that people could be able to program themselves to be able to do things, just like you program a computer.


NLP can reliably get rid of a phobia in ten minutes every single time because he found out, not by studying people who had phobias, but by studying people who had gotten over phobias and finding out how they did it.  What they did at the neurological level and at the subjective level. 

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